Sun, April 7, 2019 ‘14th Weekly’


At night, I had dinner with the people from military and played game in PC cafe. I couldn’t go to gym to arrive at the appointment on time.

Abandoned Generation

Considering current social atmosphere, people who are between twenties and thirties seem to be abandoned. In good words, they are living in the period of transition, but in bad words, they are damaged by all the disadvantages from transition.

It is just due to the period they are living in. It is because our generation not only doesn’t have the vested rights but also can’t adapt to changing society. In the age of low-growth, increased productivity made companies no longer hire people as much as they did in the past. The value of diploma has been decreased so even the ones from top universities can’t assure employment. Even If someone managed to get a job, the compensation is much less than the past and the company no longer assure job security.

If top 20% of the previous generation were compensated for their achievement, it should be at least top 5% for current generation to be compensated. Even the people who graduated descent universities started to study for exams to be public officer. This phenomenon is clearly reasonable. Only 1.8% of students can survive and others would be abandoned.

Policy for this generation would never be made. The government already knows that it is waste of money until social structure is changed. Instead of supporting them, preparing for the the future of new generation is more prominent.

Policies like hiring students who graduated universities in province or moving government office to province were designed for this purpose. It is natural that people who got high KSAT score and entered universities in Seoul blame the policy. The objective of the policy is to decentralize the current social structure which is based on Seoul. It is solving inefficiency caused by crowded capital area where half of population live in. The unfair outcomes which are raised in the process are natural.

The advantage of unified education and exam lining up students by score is that people can’t easily cheat. It was when 80% of students entered university by KSAT. Current admission process is likely to be abused. Through trial and error, we should find moderate education system for next generation. It is inevitable that the generation in the transition is sacrificed for future’s national competitiveness. It is clear that our future would entirely collapse, if the direction is wrong.

All the social areas are in transition. We are the generation who take over debt of past generation. Past generation caused problem and we take responsibility but next generation would get the benefit. It is a pity but no one would take care of us except ourselves.


I don’t know Native English class is really helpful. Conversation in real work is much harder than training. I’ll work playing Netflix.


Nothing special.


Big Fire

There is a breaking news that big forest fire broke out in Sokcho. It seems to be getting worse since the strong wind is blowing at night.

The thing which disturbs operation most is ‘reporting’. The bigger the disaster, the more severe the obstacle caused by reporting. The concept of ‘control tower’ might start from awareness of this problem. At past, the commanders couldn’t command people even though police, fireman and army gathered. It was because the commanders were constantly interrupted due to reporting. Actually, There’s nothing they can do except broadcasting the disaster.

A head of fire department was summoned to inspection of government office because he didn’t report to his boss properly. How terrible they are, not only acting independently but no one commanding. The goal of control tower is to unify the control and report system.

Of course, it is the concept so it is different problem whether they will operate as intended. In that point of view, it wasn’t bad that prime minister went to the scene and made people skip all the unnecessary reports.  At least, other heads can’t interrupt staffs in the scene. In my thought, he did his part by removing all the inefficiencies caused by reporting and escorting.


Only a can of beer made me feel dizzy. My ability to decompose alcohol might have decreased. Allencarr, the stop smoking program, must be really famous. During today’s English class, we talked about smoking and my tutor who is from Republic of South Africa said that she succeeded to quit smoking in her country after attending Allencarr seminar.


Now that I’m getting older, the number of college friends who comes to the wedding of friends are less than I thought. When we graduated university, we were all in the same position. However, each one’s life have spread into different position like spectrum for 5 years. I wonder how the spectrum would change in next 5 years.

The interest about other’s life is mainly focused on rank rather than diversity. The main topics would be about who promoted, where they work at, how much they earn and what their position is. Who can blame this trend in these days. Whenever I hear the good news of others, I look myself back and think it as a motivation. The motivation makes me think that I should live more diligently.

Finally, I completed the contract of the new room. It is little far from the company but there’s no problem in commuting on foot.


After taking my wife to bus terminal, I went to Seokchon lake with my friend. It wasn’t that crowded to walk because the next day was Monday. I got tired and had sore legs due to freezing weather. Why did this week go so fast?