Sun, Mar. 10, 2019 ‘10th Weekly Note’

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I was satisfied at the first meeting of writing club so i also attended it on Sunday. It became an excuse and I spend the whole Sunday doing nothing except the event. In this club, members say their name, age and region they live when they introduce themselves. This information is also used as the nickname in the open chatting room. Asking others age is a custom in Korea even though it is not important information. I used to ask ages of person who i first met. It might be to clarify who the senior is between us. The reason why i don’t do that now is because i’m just not interested in others and use honorifics as a default.


I invited my personal training teacher to lunch. I have been getting PT steadily since i enrolled in the gym last August.  She said that she might retire at the end of March. I decided to work out alone since i made a habit of exercising for the last 6 month. Getting PT is extravagance for me considering that those who earn much more than me even say that it is expensive. It is recommended to spend 60% of income and save remaining. I should at least save one million won per month even though i can’t save 40% of income.


I planned to get receipt from Pagoda but woke up late. I’m having a more pleasant morning after quitting smoking but i’m still get lazy in the morning. The logic which AllenCar introduced could be applied to cure other addictions. I’m addicted to other three things. The first is about late night meal. I have been eating at night from some points. Second is computer game and third is smartphone. If i could be far from them, I would enjoy more productive and healthy life. Being free from addiction is like being free from anxiety. The addictions are psychological. We continuously give the anxiety that we would lose happiness by quitting them through autosuggestions. We could be far from this psychological addiction by injecting much stronger autosuggestion to ourselves. As person who always has negative attitude often isn’t happy, autosuggestion gives huge effect to our awareness. This is the second time which i got help from autosuggestion. I had not studied English until i entered high school. My basic knowledge was so awful that i got 30 points on the first mock test. My awful English ability made me hate English even more but I knew that i should overcome this for the future. So, I gave autosuggestion to myself that i really love English and i’m eager to learn it whenever i studied. And I eventually got over it. I’ll try to overcome these bad habits through autosuggestion.


We finally established a club. When i go introduce to clubs in Google Korea right after joining, I felt sad because there wasn’t any club such as band. The club i wanted to create was just a club to go to karaoke for those who want to sing. Actually, There’s no coin karaoke near the Yeoksam station. Others are likely to be a place for sexual pleasure and that makes me hard to find good karaokes. I distributed the flyer on each floor with the colleague who establish the club together. Surprisingly A lot of people joined in a short term. I didn’t expect so many people but I should make some plan until next week. I should look for good karaokes and places to get vocal training. I have never participated in group vocal training. I should join club around me and see how it works.


The event ‘Google Career Day’ was held in the WeWork near Samsung station. It was the first recruiting event which was hosted by Google and Wanted and was composed of presentation and booth events with two hundreds applicants. I thought that my role would be a volunteer but it was to answer the questions of people who visited the booth. It was pressure to me to meet people who had much more experience than me because the event was only for experienced. Most of questions overlapped so it would have been nice if FAQ was set. I got huge motivation from this experience that i’ll work harder to be an expert to give more professional answer at the next event. I’m still far from figure which others outside the company expect from engineer of Google. The thing i’m mostly scared of is someone assuming our company standard from me. To avoid that, I should do my best.


I tried to develop new type of planner. Several tasks are given to me. To accomplish each tasks, there are some things to be done. We can’t specify all those tasks before. Because there are tasks which are suddenly required in between and added to task lists. There are relationships between tasks. For instance, subtask ‘a’ of task ‘A’  can only be handled after subtask ‘b’ of task ‘B’ is done. The scheduler what i want to develop is that i can see this relationships at one sight and shows TODO and Done for each job. If it is really made, I can save time in writing the report by reducing repeated task. I should make more concrete goal of this year. I spend this weekends with my wife.