Sun, Mar 17, 2019 ‘11th Weekly Note’

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My wife went back to NH training institute this morning.  There was some time before she returned so she could be with me until this morning. We have not been together at Sunday night except honeymoon and public holidays. We always return back to each others house. We, even not a weekly couple but biweekly couple,  are not ordinary but we are satisfied with this life.

I decided to exercise alone starting from today. If i get more interested in exercising, It would create a synergy effect with the opportunity of working out in the descent gym. I want to enroll to swimming class again but i can’t register because registration period overlaps with reserve force training. Even if i can enroll to the class, the time when i will go there is little obscure. It seems hard to swim in the morning. Maybe, I would go in the evening.


The club within the company recruited enough members so it is time to notify something. Because the White days is in this week, the notification should be sent at least a week before. But, i’m only available on Monday next week due to the reserve force training. I started to invite members into events only up to 7, because nothing has been settled yet. Three co-founders are also included so new members are four at most. Seven is also ambiguous number to sing in a room. Assuming that it takes 3m30s per song, It would take approximately 20m to one’s next round. So, I should figure out something to enjoy together when others are singing.


I reviewed current progress up to this week. A week went so fast. Weekdays are just five days and i don’t make much accomplishment during that time. I can’t speed up even though i spend some time working at night and weekend. It is clearly due to the fact that i mostly don’t spend time efficiently. The problem would be spending time just watching cell phone until the job is done. I should make more effort to work in parallel.

Due to the schedule, The lunch meeting was shifted to tea time. Meeting people who are in the other department is really fun and new experience. It was impossible to learn the knowledge or information of the field, because it was really fun and it made the time go so fast. I really like that i don’t need to be anxious when i meet new people.

In the evening, I met my friend who will get married soon. When i was a senior, he was my roommate and we drunk often at night. Drinking was prohibited in the dormitory so I hid the Jack Daniel among the clothes in the closet and had Jack Cock made from Jack Daniel and Coke at night. I thought about drinking after a long time. However, We just went to the cafe and had tea because we wouldn’t be able to drink a lot. More and more my friends from university are getting married.


I have adapted well to the current life pattern. The work seems to proceed little slow but it flows with no obstacle. The new helper makes me more comfortable when i’m stuck at some points. The system which i handle now is so complex that it is hard to comprehend and modify. Getting help from someone who knows the system well would be helpful and i got it just in time. It would be the best situation, If i could use remaining time after completing the task to understand the system. I want to make it myself when i have to make large change of system in the future.

I applied volunteer job to Google Kickstart. Google Kickstart is coding competition similar to Google CodeJam. While CodeJam is held every years with several rounds from qualification to final, Kickstart is held every few months with a single round. Kickstart is easier than CodeJam. Someone who makes achievement in one of these competitions might get interview offer from the recruiter. I could pass the document screening with these coding competition experiences regardless of the fact that i haven’t majored computer science. This makes me really appreciate KickStart and I decided to contribute 3 to 4 hours per week after getting approval from the manager.


March 16, 2018 is the day when i got a interview request mail from the recruiter of my current company and it’s one year ago.  Actually, tomorrow is the actual day that becomes a year from interview offer but i was confused. At that time, I was serving as a platoon commander in the troop and was going to be moved to the Patrol Division in May. I wasn’t expecting anything since i submitted application 3 months ago. I was really thankful but also anxious. Even though i applied to 3 companies at that time, i wasn’t considering the transfer seriously. The reason i applied was just because i felt that i would regret my whole life if time passed by me. However, I felt that it could be a reality since i got mail from the recruiter.

My interview process was specially long. There was no phone screening interview but i visited office four times until i finished 8 interviews and found my team. I had to use time off whenever i moved from Gimhae to Seoul for the interview. Thankfully, I could request time off freely with consideration of my co-workers.  Interview process was longer than i expected, and It wasn’t easy to use vacation after i started to work at the Patrol Division. It because each team members should consider each other’s vacation schedule when they are requesting time off. Fortunately, the days what i needed were all available and i could attend interview with no problem.

Next process went fast. The most difficult part was persuading parents of me and my wife. My wife suggested to wait until salary negotiation was done. Luckily, the result was better than we assumed and i resigned after persuading our parents. I came to Seoul after we had a family dinner together and reported marriage. It has been 8 months since i came to Seoul and it is one year anniversary since the mail was sent to me. 14 years past since 2005.


I started to post diaries in English and Korean separately instead of posting them together. I inserted the link of other language version into each version. While i handled this task, I found a problem that link should be composed of IP address of website beside of url. For instance, type like ‘’ didn’t work and only the type like ‘’ worked well. I manage the domain ‘’ through ‘’ managing system but i don’t know how to use it well. The website was unavailable after changing wordpress site url from IP to ‘’. It didn’t work even i set HOST IP as server address in the Struggling to find answer in the web, I suddenly found that IP address of in the NameServer which was gained through nslookup command was different from real IP address. It was because i stored old IP address in NameServer. It was easily solved by updating it. I was really glad after i had sense of shame due to the situation.

At the evening, I had dinner with my friend talking about some topics. One of the topics was that people often forget the fact that they are animals. Human can’t get rid of their biological nature as an animal no matter how hard they struggle. There’s not much differences between the humans from 4 thousands years ago and humans from now. This narrow gap is hidden under the civilization. The past was the era that human was more frank about their nature than now. Present is filled with hypocrisy to themselves and stupidity which makes them forget their origin.  Human is just an animal with high intelligence. Ironically, more humane era would come if we design our social system in the assumption that human would get more vicious than other animals.


I gonna attend Reserve Force Training. I should attend two times consecutively because i didn’t attend last year. Police belongs to specialized category that RFT isn’t mandatory so my parents threw away my military uniform when i was a police officer. Most of alumnus were same with me so it was hard to borrow military uniform from them. I bought military boots and belts from the online store.

War and Terrorism from the news are extremely far from our daily life. The peace which we never have lost since we were born is taken for granted that is hard for us to feel its preciousness. Public recognition toward military is also really bad.

There are a lot of ways to avoid military service. People can work in the specialized company instead of serving at military service. Also, We can choose to proceed to graduate school for Ph.D through professional researcher policy. From the first, some parents make their children be exempted from military service by giving birth to them in other country and giving citizenship of the country. Besides, distorting medical records is used to be free from the duty or work in the public service agency.

I’m not angry with people who commit draft evasion. I think it surely is better to skip the duty if possible. Nobody gives compensation for sacrifice. Everyone gets benefits from national defense but the duty is only for dummies. In addition to the conscience of religion, Anyone should be able to refuse the duty.

The military shouldn’t rely on others sacrifice. Rather, it should be an organization to pay for that. The cost should be supported by tax and everybody who are living in Korea should pay for national defense regardless of their nationality and gender. I really really hate to go there.