Sun, Mar 24, 2019 ‘12th Weekly Note’

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Today was filled with a lot of meetings and schedules. In the morning, I visited SNU health screen center. When I got health check-up few weeks ago, I took pills for cold and it might have interrupted blood check and that made me visit the center again.

At noon, I had a lunch talking with the new person for an hour. As most of workers have prior experience from other companies, people tend to ask what others did in previous companies. Now, I’m used to how they react after hearing about my career path. It would be a bigger surprise for them if my juniors and friends of college enter my company next year.

The first gathering of vocal club was held in the evening. I called karaoke for reservation but they didn’t get the call. After calling almost all of karaoke near the company, I barely found available one. 10 people, which exceeded capacity of 7 people, were gathered. All of them were skilled at singing above some degree. I thought that it might be hard to encourage people who aren’t good at singing. How can we make this club more enjoyable? Nevertheless, It seems really nice that people who are working at different departments can meet and have fun together.


Today was the first day of reserve force training. I arrived at reserve force training center at noon. I had lunch at 1pm after unpacking baggage in the room. The menu was composed of a spoon of tofu, a piece of kimchi, soup with grounded fish and white rice. Hash foundry would serve more nutritious meal than this.

I’m the oldest man in the room. I just slept because there was nothing to do. The room wasn’t different from Nonsan but i can lie down on the floor in here. In Nonsan, people should sit down even while they take a rest. I think it is a rule for prisoners.

The rest of the schedule after admission ceremony were just lecture, dinner and lecture. From this year, reserve officer control the army instead of active-duty soldier. They also were not active-duty soldiers so it was just bothering role for them. In the military, a lot of time is wasted doing nothing as it is in the Police organization. The important thing is that the time when training is finished is already fixed even if training is done well and quickly. That’s why spending time doing nothing and waiting until it is finished is better.


We woke up at 6am. The outdoor roll call was canceled because micro dust was severe. I hope that other subjects are also replaced to indoor video lecture. Hygienic condition of restaurant was really terrible. Each person cleans the food tray themself so entire tray is coated with oil. This dirty plate is what webtoonist ‘homin-joo’ illustrated in his work ‘zzam’ and it is surprising that the situation hasn’t been changed yet.

There was weather forecast that it would rain afternoon so all of us hoped for the rain. Training wasn’t that meaningful. Not thinking about time was the only way to stand this boredom. Climbing made me totally sweat. Thankfully, it rained afternoon replacing the training which was scheduled until 10pm to indoor video lecture.

But the time still didn’t pass. There’s no other way except lying down and daydreaming. This training center doesn’t allow us to use PX which is only one facility for fun. Anyway, I’m gonna go back home tomorrow. I should attend reserve force training next week as well because i didn’t get last year’s training.


Today is the last day but there’s still 11 hours left. In the morning, we practiced shooting. Even though I tried to avoid thinking about time by concentrating on training, time didn’t go fast anyways. My patience was getting closer to limit.

After all the schedules was done, we waited completion ceremony in the room. We gathered in the hall and got the certificate and finally became free! I thought this would be the emotion what people feel when they finish their mandatory military service of 2 years.

I called kakao black with the idea that most of people would call taxi. I didn’t want to be here even for a second more so i wanted to go home fast and cozy even if i should pay extra charge. I was stuck in traffic so it costed more than i expected.

Finally, I got home. This terrible house felt cozy this time. I fell asleep after eating my favorite foods and taking a shower. Everything was fine except that i should go there again next week.


I went to my office after long time of reserve force training. I went back home after working and exercising. I didn’t hesitate about what to do because i already thought about it yesterday. At night, I took enough rest in my room. I went to bed after searching algorithm for Sunday study. The day went without any special event.


I woke up early to attend video English class. Getting up in the morning is becoming more easier. I have been attending English class less frequently than i expected. I should study English at least an hour per day so I need to make a plan and add it to calendar while i write the diary. It would be moderate to take class for 4 days and do self-study for 3 days. I finished English class and went to the gym after working briefly.

Today is opening day of 2019 KBO league. All of treadmill are equipped with screen nowadays. I feel less tired and time goes fast while i walk on the treadmill watching baseball game. It usually takes 2 hours leaving from company to finish shower after working out. I don’t think it is waste of time but it would be better if i could spend time more productively like studying English instead of just watching TV.

I attended writing class after exercise. The English diary i uploaded to wordpress page is posted after the correction of the draft. As teacher said, It would be beneficial to write draft in English. I’ll write English version first and translate it to Korean from next week.

After returning back home, I watched movie ‘extreme job’ with my wife. We can’t exactly watch it together since we aren’t physically together. We watched it together by synchronizing movie sound and talking on the phone. SKT developed VR system which enables users to watch baseball game together. The technology might be easily applied to service for watching VOD together. It would be impossible to commercialize it right away due to the flaws which VR technology has such as dizziness or eye strain.

After movie ended, me and wife started to find new house in the web. There were some nice rooms among candidates so i scheduled to go see it tomorrow. After trying to find better place to live, I’m getting to know what i should put in consideration. I started to have doubt when the descent room is in a low price. Of course, I think that there aren’t many rooms which are worse than mine. I want to escape this narrow, dirty, expensive and noisy room.


I got up early today because i was scheduled to meet the owner of the room which i wanted to see until 10am. The room is near Gangnam Station but to be exact, it is located in between Gangnam and Yangjae Station. Everything is better than now except that i should walk 10 minutes more than now to commute. There were 4 household in a stair. Each door seems to be so close to each other. Originally, There were two rooms and they broke them into four rooms. The tenant said he has been living there for 3 years and that seems to be true. Even if the room is noisy i can fall asleep wearing ear plug and sleep shade. Anyway i could save rent fee.

I went to meeting of writing club at noon. There were no staffs and members only. The mood was little cluttered. This meeting totally depends on staffs. Topics and writings aren’t managed and only pictures blurred by emoticon are imprinted. I think the club would disappear if this mood lasts for 2 weeks.

This is same for GVC which i manage. On Friday, I have to send invitation for next week lunch meeting. And next week, I’ll notify another gathering to revive GVC. After writing club meeting, I went to the gym. There were a lot people who were working out even on weekend. What diligent people they are! I tried to get a haircut for my bushy hair before reserve force training but the shop i use often was already fully booked.

I held biweekly algorithm study. The problems seemed so tough because i haven’t studied for a long time. However, I think all of us would achieve what we want if we don’t give up. Tomorrow is reserve force training too. I’m glad that i don’t need to spend the night in there.