Sun, Mar 31, 2019 ‘13th Weekly’

한국어로 읽기


Today, I went to reserve force training center for 4 days daytime training. Two years have passed since I finished military service in 2017. The training I got last week was for 2nd year. The training I got this week was for last year which i delayed to this year. Since 2018, The training was changed to 4 days of daytime training instead of 3 days of commute training and 12 hours extra training.

It took 20 to 25 mins by car from my house to the military training center. I called taxi at 8am and got on it 8:05 am and arrived at the parking lot at 8:30am. While I was on the taxi, I saw a bus stop and it was little far from the destination. Participants should pass the gate before 9am. There was a huge digital clock which display hours, minutes and seconds to prevent the dispute. After the gate, there was a ground where people got their costume and identification checked. After getting helmet and belt, I registered myself in the group which I belonged to.

The squad is composed of 10 people and people are assigned to each squad by the order of arrival. People who come first should wait for a long time until training starts but they can finish the training first. So it would be better to arrive earlier, if you want to go back home first. A class is composed of squads of several ‘dong’s. There were up to 10 squads in each class. After composing a squad, we moved to the hall and slept until all the squads gathered. After that, the instructor started the orientation.

The schedule included 5 military subjects and 1 security education session. Top 30% of squads were permitted to go home early at 4pm. But, It’s better not to expect, because it is team based practice which depends on others performance and it doesn’t seem to be graded objectively. My subjects were shooting, alerting order, CBR, throwing grenade, CPR. Unlike last week training, instructors gave detailed instruction in each subject because there was enough time. 

We spent most of the time waiting because it was possible to finish all the subjects in an hour. But waiting is better than hard training. Lunch was served by food company and two different set menu were available. It wasn’t comparable to what i had at last week training. The quality was same with the lunch box that convenience stores have. Time goes fast if I can get used to waiting. If someone can’t use time off for 4 days sequentially, he might prefer 3 days camp training.

I called taxi right after training finished. I called general taxi instead of kakao black since black was expensive but it also worked well. It was 5:20 pm when I arrived home. Even though I have to go there tomorrow, I feel free because I have more than 7 hours with no intervention. I played game in the PC cafe for some hours. Then I came back home and did some work. Finally, I talked to my wife and fell a sleep.


Today’s training was same as yesterday’s. It was like repeating the same day. The only difference was that shooting training was replaced to communication training. Lunch was still good and weather was still cold today. Micro dust was severe but the training wasn’t cancelled and I was given a mask. Mask made my glasses steam up so i didn’t put it on. I had a sore throat when the training was over.

I came back home and wrote the diary which i haven’t been written for a while. Recently, I haven’t been concentrating on work so I started to daydream. I planned to post the solution of KickStart. The official page only provides analysis but doesn’t give source code. It might be helpful to others preparing for competition. I lied down for a while and talked to my wife and did some work. Time is already over midnight Each day goes so fast.


Today was the 3rd day of training. The level of micro dust was bad and I expected a little that the training might be cancelled. As expected, I had luck. All the trainings were replaced to indoor training. Except two indoor practice, I spent all day watching training videos. This terrible training would end tomorrow and I’ll go to Gimhae to spend the weekend with my wife. I hope the weather is bad only until tomorrow so that I can go see the cherry blossom this weekend. It was 5pm when i came back home so I had more time than when i’m working.

I played game until 8pm and attended video English class at 8:30 pm. I think I still lack of English skills. My first goal is making corrections of what I learn everyday. I’ll study new words and expressions on other days. I hope to be fluent in English soon and talk to foreigners with no fear. I can’t help being timid because I’m not able to speak fluently. I translated all the diaries from last week into English. I planned to write English diary first but I’ll start it next week.


Today was the last day of training. Micro dust was worse than yesterday. Contrary to my expectation, outdoor training took place as scheduled. I couldn’t trust the explanation of instructor that they make decision according to objective guideline. How could they enforce schedule even though all weather figures are worse than yesterday.

March is over and April is coming but the weather is still cold. I spent most of the time waiting and shivering because training was really short. In the meantime, I took two tablets of pain killer due to severe headache. Time went fast since i was already familiar with the training schedule. Anyway, Today was the last day of training in 2019. I hope to get the training by commuting again next year.

Today was the day to go to Gimhae. Training ended earlier than i expected so i could take the bus at 5:50 pm. I was sick of sitting on a chair for 4 hours and 30 minutes because i’ve been doing that for 10 hours everyday since Monday.

But the bus wasn’t crowded so i could sleep reclining the chair and arrived at Gimhae. We had to work the next day so went to bed early.  Gimhae was warmer than Seoul. The beautiful cherry blossom already bloomed. On Saturday, I’ll go to Yeonji Park with my wife.


Thanks to reserve force training, I woke up at 7 am without the morning call. Sleeping at midnight and getting up at 7am is the best sleeping pattern i have always wanted. I must make it as a habit in this chance. I had breakfast and did some work and attended video English class at 10 am. I could make progress if I study what the instructor pointed out steadily.

In the afternoon, I worked but it wasn’t efficient as it is in the company. After my wife came back home, we had dinner and walked in the park. The weather was warm and there were cherry blossom everywhere. Yeonji Park is a famous place for tourists. Nowadays, attractions like laser and fountain show are served. It was the second time since i saw the laser show in the Hong Kong and I think they were similar. Actually, both shows aren’t entertaining. As spring is coming, a lot of couples made the park crowded. Many of them were students with uniform and others were families with children.

Gimhae is so peaceful. Population is moderate to live together. I feel bad that there are only few jobs except public officer. After taking my wife home, i went out again to meet my friends. One of them was a friend who i met after ten years since we graduated high school. While we were talking, I suddenly suggested to go to the high school where we haven’t visited for a while. The school changed a little but it wasn’t so much different from the past. The small restaurant which sold soondae changed to convenience store. There was a new fence around the school. Some students bended the fence and made a crack to passby. Fortunately, the front gate was open at the late hour. The ground was replaced to green lawn so it would be safer than the past. The building was same as before. As one of my friend said, the buildings of highschool didn’t seem so small unlike elementary school because we haven’t grown up since we became adults.


I went to bed at 2 am and woke up at 9 am. I hope this pattern to be kept forever. Even though I woke up early, I didn’t do anything today. Life in Gimhae is lazy and relaxed. The time me and wife spend together is short and I really want to enjoy this time as a rest.

At night, we had family dinner and i prepared material for algorithm study. I planned to distribute it on Monday but i totally forgot about it. From now, I will try to focus more on important events and my emotions. Misc things would be described briefly. I got out of the writing club. I wanted to learn other writing styles but the club wasn’t like what i expected. I’ll find other club in Open College.

I found the service SAM which kyobo promotes while i was searching e-book.  It is a service that provides e-book without limitation with fixed monthly pay. I subscribed the cheap service but it really sucks. The contents are really poor. There is always a reason why some books are sold as a bundle. I’m dreaming of publishing an essay but I should do it well to not be treated like those.


How could time fly so fast? I came here last Thursday so i have been with wife for 4 days. However, the time we really spend together was short since it were only Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday and Sunday morning. Total span was shorter than 48hr. I should consider to take half day off and depart on Monday morning.

Whenever I take a bus, I sleep well until I arrive in Sunsan but i can’t fall asleep since then. I only takes an hour from bus terminal to my house. I thought of going home on foot but i took a metro since it was so freezing. After finishing English writing class, I went back home and did some cleaning. After, I wrote weekly diary and went to bed. I hope to get up at 7 am tomorrow.