Nov 18th, 2018 : Fifth Diary

On Sunday, I migrated personal blog to medium platform. The personal server have been turned down for a week and crashed after updating it. I tried to find the reason but it was so hard to recover destroyed configuration. So, I gave up to recover it and migrated recovered post to medium. After that, I met a friend in Anam-dong to give wedding invitation. There were some jobs to do and i handled it in there.

On Monday, I was in bad condition. So, I took a rest at home. At night, I met someone to give wedding invitation. My schedule would be filled with that kinds of events. I noticed that it was chance for me to verify who i think as valuable or suitable. Because, It is so burdening for them to come to see my wedding. It would take 9 hours for round trip.

On Tuesday, I suddenly wanted to know the value of my one hour if i could calculated. If It was same as 40$ per hour and I might consider it, I could calculate opportunity cost more approximately. So, Wasting time like watching smart phone costs 40$ per hour. And If i paid for it, the cost would be increased. Also, If I invested the time for future, the differences would be larger according to the result. It means that just investing much time is not always effective way. I read a post that successful people averagely spend 80 hours per a week on working. In the post, The writer assumed that they work so intensely for 80 hours. It is not doubt that it is extremely hard. Just concentrating 10 hours per a day is almost impossible for normal people. I thought to cover this gap I should spend more time on works and sleep deeply. Recently, I have been suffering from sleep disorder. I have dreamed a lot. It means that something is disturbing my sleep but I don’t know what it is.

On Wednesday, I thought about jealousy and betray. People jealous others when they just focus on what they have. They tend to think that they also make accomplishment what others achieved without much efforts. So, They become poor people who are unlucky and jealous to others who are just lucky. In this process, There’s no chance to make growth. They would repeat the vicious cycle eternally. But, There is a interesting fact. When the gap between them is so huge, They stop being jealous and start admiring it. It means that we should make more huge progress to escape from people who are negative, unproductive and jealous. Especially, In legal way. Illegal way just makes blaming easier. To avoid being jealous, we should transform efforts to be jealous to productive energy and motivation. I put MBA in one of future plans. I don’t know what i can get from MBA and whether it is really needed to start business. If there’re other sources to meet helpful people and get business experience, I would choose them without hesitation. It is clear that just getting certification doesn’t assure anything except that i have a certificate.

On Thursday, I missed the bus which goes to hometown. I rescheduled a plan and changed plan to Chang-Won. My initial plan was working in the bus but It was hard because the bus was crowded and hot. But, There’s no choice except to sleep or watch smartphone. Four hours later, I arrived in Chang-Won. There was no special event. The street was less crowded than it was before. The City have been getting older. Even though it is a the largest city in Gyungsang-namdo, Population have been decreased and its perspective isn’t good. I thought it wouldn’t be a good place to live when i would be older.

On Friday, We, me and wife, visited wedding shop to choose wedding costume. While looking my wife, I was suddenly impressed of the fact that we are going to marry next month. I don’t know how much time went by since we met first. I thought about giving up more successful life and fitting my expectation to happiness with family. To do that, I should accumulate some money and learn how to manage and sustain wealth. I might choose direction in a few years. After coming back to hometown, I met two of my friends to handle wedding invitation. We spent 2 hours in PC cafe playing lol. After that, I went back to home and started working.

On Saturday, I heard that someone feel bad because i didn’t contact to the person eve though i will marry. I didn’t mean it and got to know that meaning of wedding invitation is more important than i think.

On Sunday, I returned to Seoul. It took 5 hours. I started to work right after arriving at home.


Positive experience and emotion is vitamin for human life. Lack of vitamin couldn’t make human die but it causes severe disease or symptom. Too much stimulations make us unhappy like high doses of vitamin could harm our body. Every time I met my wife, It is like charging emotional vitamin. I won’t be able to be apart from my wife longer than 2 weeks.

I’m learning Design Pattern. Design Pattern is a technique or concept to increase reusability and sustainability and others. I don’t fully understand it but started to feel that it is necessary to be a good programmer. Programming is not just solving algorithm or mathematical problem. I should remind and understand that programmer is called as engineer. Engineer makes product and maintain it. In this aspect, I should look at what is really software engineering.

I started work until night since this Monday. So, My daily life pattern is sequence of commuting, working, lunch (usually I skip lunch and just have two banana), working, working out, dinner (I buy banana shake and diet gimbap from store near gym), working and coming back home.