Mar 2, 2019 – ‘9th weekly summary’

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This week went so fast since Friday, March 1 was a public holiday. Monday felt like the fastest day among them. In the morning, I visited the bank to loan money for housing and two meetings were scheduled in the afternoon. The bank rejected the application because my withholding tax certification didn’t include data for February. Schedule would be little tight to get document again including salary of February. I needed to request loan until Thursday because the contraction date will be next Monday but Friday is holiday. Reflecting the prior experience, I thought that i might not get the document since it takes 2 or 3 days to get it. The day was quickly over after completing afternoon meeting. I came back home after working out in the gym.

On Tuesday, wife’s brother in-law came to my office with his girlfriend. We have known each other for a long time. It has already been 8 years since i visited his school and met him when i was a sophomore in the university. Brother and his girlfriend have been in a relationship for 2 years and it seems that they looks good. He is good at building his career. Before serving in the military, he was silent and not funny. But he changed his personality during that time and became talkative but still not funny man. His reaction skills were improved and that is what his girlfriend likes the most about him. He entered law-school in this year. I hope they still get along well even though they were busy. In my experience, delaying the date doesn’t make us free and having date in a tight schedule doesn’t ruin our life. Afternoon meeting was the first meeting that i presented but the result was disastrous. It because i didn’t tried to get advice actively. I should reflect on my behavior. I returned home after getting personal training.

On Wednesday, I met friend from college who lives near me. He had told me that he had two emotions; feeling sorry about forgetting to celebrate my wedding and wanting to see me after long time. There are little stories regarding the police which we can discuss about. At most we can talk about promotion and transferring. I don’t know their work. Besides that topics, there are stories of college which would be abolished in decades and alumnus who are escaping from the police organization. Meeting was also scheduled today. A lot of meetings were scheduled in this week. However, Most of them were created by my action. I went back home after working out. Fortunately, Withholding tax certificate which i requested was published.

On Thursday, I went to the bank with the document for credit loan. I planned to pay 20% of rent fee with credit loan and pay remaining with housing loan. However, the bank clerk found out something weird while investigating housing loan. He said that current tenant also got housing loan and i can’t get a loan until he repay a loan. In my thought, there would be no problem if i get a loan and give it to the tenant through owner of the room and the tenant would repay his loan but this would be impossible. It broke the contraction and made me stay longer at the place when i’m living now. I also attended meeting and went back home after getting personal training. In this week, Tuesday night is practically the start of weekend because tomorrow is a public holiday.

I canceled the plan to watch ‘papillion’ which was screened recently after reading bad reviews. Those who watched original movie released in 1973 gave the remake movie a low rate. I don’t remember exactly when i watched the movie but i was really stuck in bad situation. Maybe it was when i studied alone after i failed to get into science high school. Main character, Papillion, eventually succeeded in escaping from jail even though he failed a lot of times. When i was watching the movie back then, I dreamed about this future like the star far in the sky. I went through long tunnels of failure for a long time and reach the present that i really dreamed of. And now i start thinking. How did papillion live after escaping from the jail? Did he planned his life after breakout as precisely as the escaping plan? The successful people might corrupt and collapse because they didn’t want the thing coming next. As like the water that doesn’t flow is easily contaminated, the best scene in our life is the starting point of corruption and comedown. The way to avoid the downfall may be constantly dreaming and challenging. I wasn’t absent even a day to the gym this weekdays. I didn’t lose my weight due to increased appetite.

I slept late on Saturday before english training and slept again after lunch. It is not a diligent worker’s life. I participated in writing club for the first time in the evening. The club was also formed recently. Members get together every week and discuss their writing on given topic. Their writings would be published to a book later on. I don’t know if it would be really possible to publish personal book only with writings from the first half of the year because we just write 1 or 2 pages per meeting. Maybe the scale i thought is different from what the organizer expected. But the club itself was satisfying. Getting to know what others think about same topic was good but it would have been better if we could with others works. It would be great to share our works at least for those who want it.